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The Way We Were: Book Images, Anecdotes, Technical Information, and History Data by George Forss - Paperback - AUTOGRAPHED

SKU: ForssPB

I was not a young man when I started photographing New York City. I started photographing NYC around 1974. I was 32 years old. I got the idea of making scenes of New York City and selling my pictures in the city streets after the invention of resin coated printing paper. With this paper I could make a print and then simply hang it up on clothes pins to dry and put my print in ready-made mat boards with the inset already cut out. I had a plan. I had a job as a messenger delivering packages all around New York. This gave me the means to go around the city looking for interesting subjects to photograph while I was delivering packages. I figured a time would come, once I had taken a certain amount of photos, when I would feel good about leaving my messenger job.

Paperback edition.  


Price: $15.99
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