Unsung: An Overdue Tribute to Humble Heroines & 120 Years of Cambridge Girls Basketball

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Unsung: An Overdue Tribute to Humble Heroines & 120 Years of Cambridge Girls Basketball

by Gerry Preece

At a time when so much seems to divide us, it is heartwarming to discover that a group of girls with our town’s name on their jerseys can remind us of our deep connectedness. 

The history of Cambridge girls basketball is one of the most wonderful stories in our town. It is a history full of courageous and talented people who overcame obstacles and achieved excellence. It is a hidden history too few of us know. It is quiet heroines and heroes who, for too long, have gone unrecognized, unappreciated, and unsung.

This is their song.

Our one hundred twenty years of Cambridge girls basketball is inextricably entwined with our town’s history and the role of women. It is a basketball history marked with periods of soaring success, painful defeat, bold achievement, times of trial and even outright oppression. But in the end, it is a story of heroines and heritage; it is a story of champions.

Did you know…?

  • One team scored >100 points in a game
  • Multiple teams were #1 in New York State
  • One player scored 72 points in a single game
  • Multiple players became D-1 college coaches
  • One player has a college building named after her
  • One coach was the top player at Syracuse University
  • Cambridge teams played against and beat college teams
  • One player’s name is in the National Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Our first game was played in 1901 where Silvano’s is now located
  • One coach became the Athletic Director at Division-1 Virginia Tech
  • Multiple players are now Hall-of-Famers at their colleges/universities
  • One player out-rebounded U. No. Carolina’s all-time leading rebounder


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