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Collection of Botanical Watercolors - Set of 12 Flower Prints

SKU: ALC000262

Artwork by Sabina Alcorn

12 prints, each 14 x 11 in.


With this collection of botanical watercolors,artist Sabina Alcorn aims to share some of the wonders of nature that have inspired her over the years, both as an artist and as an avid gardener. Painted directly from life, each flower was picked from the flower bed adjacent to her studio. Each of the twelve prints - plus cover - has been adorned with a custom made border engraved by her husband, Stephen Alcorn. Each of these borders has then been colored by Sabina so as to compliment the palette of each flower. 

Exquisitely printed on premium archival paper, this series, which measures 11 x 14 inches, has been specifically designed to fit into readily available 11 by 14 inch frames. Or, if you prefer, you may have custom frames made for your set. 



Price: $48.00