Mud U 2023 - A Pop-Up Community "University"

Announcing the launch of Cambridge , NY’s “Mud U,” a community “university” that takes place during that dreaded time of year: mud season! For 2023, Mud U will take place between Feb. 27 and March 12 at a variety of locations. 

What is Mud U? 

Modeled after a similar initiative in Bethel, VT, Mud U is a free community “university” where community members both take and teach workshops, talks, and the like. It is open to everyone, all ages welcome! 

Learn more about Mud U here: 

You can propose a class, talk, workshop, or similar here: We’ll accommodate as many requests as we can, and you’ll be notified if your class is a go. Please no sales pitches, politics, etc. 

We’re already off to a great start, and you can learn about what classes are already happening here: . Though free, signups are required so we know who is coming! Some classes have limits on number of attendees, too. We’ll be adding classes as submissions come in, so check back frequently. 

So far we have Knitting 101, “Unusual” Grains & How to Use Them, Whole Grain Baking at the Cambridge Community Oven, and Cash Management for Small Businesses. 

Many thanks to the founding Mud U organizations: Battenkill Books, Cambridge Food Coop, and Hubbard Hall.