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Gone to Ground by Jacqlyn Thorne

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Order a  copy of Jacqlyn Thorne's new book of poetry, Gone to Ground. 

Poems rooted in darkness, and poems reaching toward the light; poems filled with spirit, and poems that pierce the heart: All can be found here in the Thorne's first-ever published collection of works. Alongside beautiful photographs and essays capturing some of the joys and struggles of rural life, Thorne's words illuminate her own deeply personal experience, simultaneously revealing her connection to and profound reverence for the natural world. From struggling to survive heartache to contemplating humanity's place in the universe, the poems and essays contained in this volume attempt to ask and to answer some of life's most difficult questions. They are words and images meant to awaken, to inspire, to live by. They are screams as well as whispers, giving voice to that inside which is rarely spoken aloud.

Jacqlyn Thorne is a poet, writer, painter, and photographer living in the rolling hillsides of Washington County, New York. Born and raised in Missouri, she attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing. Coming to the Northeast after college, Jacqlyn fell in love with its unique landscape and has now lived half of her life there. After a career in desktop publishing and graphic design, she returned to school to find more meaningful work and became a Registered Nurse. She enjoys reading, movies, music, gardening, caring for her animals, working on her house, and tending the small farm she calls home. Jacqlyn finds inspiration for her poems, essays, and photographs in her own personal experience, as well as in the natural world around her. She shares her work and chronicles her many creative projects on her blog and website, Creative Journeywoman.com.

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