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Independent Bookstore Day


Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day at

Battenkill Books on Saturday, April 28


Join over 500 independent bookstores in 48 states for

parties, author readings, in-store events, and

exclusive day-of merchandise.


2018 Independent Bookstore Day marks its fourth year of celebrating independent bookstores nationwide on Saturday, April 28th, with literary parties around the country. We will be offering exclusive day-of merchandise created especially for Independent Bookstore Day by major publishers and authors. 

The fourth annual National Independent Bookstore Day is sponsored in part by Penguin Random House, Ingram, and The American Booksellers Association. Last year participating bookstores saw an average increase in sales of 200% on Independent Bookstore Day, with some stores up as much as 1000% over their average Saturday sales in April. “Indie bookstores play a crucial role in society—they are spaces where ideas live freely, thought and conversation flourish, and communities are nurtured and strengthened. Independent Bookstore Day is a national party to celebrate this significance. We love to celebrate with our customers and toast to the vitality of indies, as well the enthusiasm and support of avid readers everywhere!” says Katie Eelman at Papercuts J.P. in Boston. While Benjamin Rybeck at Brazos Bookstore says, “Independent Bookstore Day makes a big city like Houston feel small, cozy, like everybody knows everybody.”

The 2018 IBD author ambassador Celeste Ng says, “My favorite thing about independent bookstores is that they all have their own distinct personalities: each reflects not just the tastes but also the ideals of its community. From the second you walk in, you get a sense of what the people who shop there know and enjoy—as well as what's currently on their minds, what they want to learn, and what they value: in short, what kinds of people they want to be. Bookstores are more than just repositories of knowledge, they’re living, breathing, evolving representations of our best selves. I love Independent Bookstore Day because it asks readers, writers, and booksellers to join in celebrating all that bookstores represent. It's a gathering to remind ourselves that the written word can change both us and the world, and of what’s possible when we all come together.”

The 2018 Bookstore Day Exclusives:

Independent Bookstore Day is proud to announce a selection of exclusive books and art pieces for Bookstore Day 2018. These limited edition, unique items will be available only at participating IBD bookstores, on April 28. Not before. Not online. And not in chain stores.

Some of 2018’s exclusive Bookstore Day books and items available only at participating IBD stores on Saturday, April 28th include:

  • The Book Club Journal

This beautifully designed journal has pages and prompts for writing your thoughts and opinions about the books you’ve read, keeping track of book club meetings, and more than 45 original, quirky, themed recommended reading lists from authors like Stephen King, David Sedaris and Tayari Jones, and booksellers around the country. Martin Cruz Smith gives us the “Real Russia” reading list. The booksellers at Parnassus in Nashville give us “Books narrated by non-humans.”

  • "Read with Me" Maisy Plush
  • "Read with Me" Horton Plush
  • Feminism: A Very Short Introduction
  • Redlands, Vol 1
  • $6 Story: A Book on the Table

About Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Bookstore Day began in California in 2014 and became a national event the next year. A host of publishers and authors such as Neil Gaiman, George Saunders, Roxane Gay, Lauren Groff, James Patterson, Stephen King and many others have donated work in support of the event. Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) is produced by writer and former bookseller Samantha Schoech in partnership with the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association. Its sponsors include Penguin Random House, Ingram, and the American Bookseller’s Association. www.indiebookstoreday.com


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Event date: 
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am to 6:00pm
Event address: 
Battenkill Books
15 East Main St.
Cambridge, NY 12816

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