Chickens & Roosters Cotton Tea Towel

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Cavallini & Co. Chickens & Roosters Cotton Tea Towel

Bright, colorful, and fun!  Chickens and Roosters tea towel features common breeds, all posing for your enjoyment. Are you a chicken an rooster fan? Take a look at Cavallini's Chickens & Roosters decorative paper.

Cavallini & Co. 100% natural cotton tea towels make wonderful gifts... to a friend or for yourself!  Bright, colorful, and functional tea towels feature vintage images from the Cavallini archives printed on natural cotton towels. Tea towels come packaged in a hand- sewn muslin bag, making them the perfect gift. Wrap them up or give it as a gift as it is. Cavallini & Co. natural cotton tea towels measure 19" x 31.75" (48cm x 80cm).


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