Wishing on a Supervillain (Paperback)

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When a sick child's hero is a villain, can dreams still come true?

Fighting crime is great, but superheroine Nixie's dream job is helping sick kids meet or even become superheroes through her work with the Dream Granter Foundation. However, when a young boy requests to meet not a superhero, but the notorious villain Switch, this may be one dream that turns into a nightmare.

On the run since high school, Switch is now at the top of his supervillain game. Between shaking down crime bosses for their ill-gotten wealth and playing cat-and-mouse with the local superhero team, life is exactly what he wants it to be ... Until his favorite heroine to fight comes to him with an unusual offer. How can he say no to a sick kid? After all, he's a villain, not a monster.

Switch's enemies on both sides of the hero/villain divide make a simple meet and greet hazardous to both his and Nixie's health. To his chagrin, Switch finds himself admiring his new hero partner, even if her faith in the system is mind-bogglingly unwavering. As they work together, dodging villain attacks and angry phone calls from Nixie's boss, she's surprised by how "human" this particular villain is.

Just when she's beginning to think this dream could come true after all, a secret from Switch's past casts a shadow over their plans. Can Switch free himself from his demons long enough to make a kid's wish come true?

Wishing on a Supervillain is a standalone novel set in the world of the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798870662985
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 278
Language: English

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