My Story Must Change: A 7-Day Prayer and Fasting to Unlock Miracles and Claim Your Breakthroughs (Paperback)

My Story Must Change: A 7-Day Prayer and Fasting to Unlock Miracles and Claim Your Breakthroughs By Timothy Atunnise Cover Image
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Unlock the Miraculous Power Within You

Are you tired of feeling stuck, burdened by life's challenges, and longing for a breakthrough? Do you yearn for a miraculous transformation that will change the course of your story forever? Look no further; your divine appointment with destiny is here.

In "My Story Must Change: A 7-Day Prayer and Fasting to Unlock Miracles and Claim Your Breakthroughs," you will embark on a life-altering journey that transcends the ordinary and catapults you into the extraordinary. Prepare to be captivated, transformed, and empowered as you discover the secrets to unleashing the miraculous in your life.

Why You Must Read This Book:
  • 7 Days to Miraculous Transformation: This book is your key to a seven-day prayer and fasting experience that will revolutionize your life. Discover how dedicating just one week to spiritual discipline can lead to lasting miracles and breakthroughs.
  • Spiritual Warfare Unleashed: Learn the art of spiritual warfare and how to wield the sword of the Spirit effectively. Break free from the chains of bondage, crush strongholds, and experience the liberation you've been longing for.
  • Profound Declarations and Decrees: Dive into powerful declarations and decrees that will shift the atmosphere around you. These spiritual weapons will empower you to speak life, victory, and abundance into every area of your existence.
  • Heavenly Encounters: Experience divine alignment as you tap into the realm of angelic assistance and God's divine favor. Discover how to co-labor with heaven and watch the supernatural unfold in your life.
  • Tested and Proven: This transformative journey is not theoretical; it's grounded in the real-life testimonies of countless individuals who have experienced miraculous turnarounds after embarking on this prayer and fasting adventure. Your breakthrough is not a question of "if" but "when."

If you're ready to break free from the limitations that have held you back, if you're ready to declare that your story must change, then don't miss this opportunity. "My Story Must Change" is more than a book; it's a divine encounter, a roadmap to miracles, and your guide to claiming the breakthroughs that are rightfully yours.

Don't wait for change to happen; make it happen. Your destiny is calling, and your breakthrough is just a prayer away. Get your copy today and embark on a journey of transformation that will leave you forever changed.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798864447871
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English

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