Turning Losers Into Winners In The Stock Market (Paperback)

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Does the stock market scare you? Are you afraid to get in?Do you think only Ivy League or math whizzes are in the stock market? That a regular Joe or Jane can't do it? That's not true, but you may not know that in the beginning and feel too overwhelmed to even start.Most people aren't psychologically prepared to jump into the stock market. Turning Losers into Winners can help you get mentally ready. This 2nd book of the Wall Street-Smarts series can help you become adaptable to getting the money and not getting scared out of it. A scared person cannot win.Yul Spencer is a comic and actor by profession that has a lot of street-smarts from Oakland, California. When he started learning about trading, he saw many parallels with the streets and the stock market and turned that game into a series of books because when he found out that most Americans don't have an extra $400 cash available for an emergency; he knew he had to hip the public to the game that rich people have been playing for years.In Turning Losers Into Winners, you'll learn...How to shut down the noise and focus only on you, so you will never be without cash.Risk Allocation and Money Management is a lot of fun when it's all your money.How Trade Entries are easy to get in, but like relationships, once in, it's hard to get out of.And much, much more If you liked the 1st book, Wall Street Smarts, you'll love the 2nd book, Turning Losers Into Winners. Yul Spencer is back helping you get your mind right for these markets, because most of you don't know that your losers are winners and so are you... winners.The stock market has never been this funny. So, buy Turning Losers Into Winners today Get yo' mind right and your pockets tight

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ISBN: 9798670273695
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 17th, 2020
Pages: 116
Language: English

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