About Wicca Elemental Magic: Understandings Of The Elements And Their Relationship To Magic: A Particular Element (Paperback)

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This book is a great read for newcomers wishing to learn more about the Craft as they may easily become confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed as to what source(s) to use to properly expand their knowledge. Easy to follow, this book is very informative, containing basic, simple spells that are very useful to beginners. This book also offers insightful, clear, and concise information for readers who are initially curious, as well as more experienced practitioners. In this guide, the basics of incorporating the elements into your rituals, as well as less-often discussed topics like animism, elemental personalities, and using these forces of nature to help you enhance your magical perception. Indeed, as you will see, an Element-centered practice is a rich and rewarding way to deepen your connection to the Goddess and God, to Nature, the Universe, or whatever terms your particular belief system ascribes to the power of All That Is.
To truly grasp the underlying concepts behind working with the Elements, it's important to learn how these components-Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit-came to be defined in Western magical traditions. You'll also need a close look at each Element to understand its inherent properties and its potential to transform your magical practice. You'll find all of this in Elemental Magic and much more:
- Our earliest civilizations' understandings of the Elements and their relationship to magic
- How recent scientific observations reflect these ancient concepts
- The core magical properties of each Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, and how we are personally influenced by these energies
- Ways of attuning with individual Elements for enhanced living and magical practice
- Elemental relationships with deities, "elemental beings," and spirit animals
- An overview of Wiccan ritual with a focus on the Elements, including altar layout, casting the circle and calling the quarters
- Techniques and magical practices for working with individual Elements
- Spells, rituals, and charms focused on each Element
In addition, you'll find tables of correspondence covering the magical properties of each Element, as well as associated colors, spell ingredients, ritual tools, and more at the end of the guide. Elemental Magic will be a treasured reference, magical guide, and springboard for you to make your own discoveries about the power of the Elements and the magic they have to offer

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ISBN: 9798530520181
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2021
Pages: 76
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