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Pericles, Prince of Tyre

William Shakespeare

  • Pericles, Prince of Tyre is a Jacobean play written at least in part by William Shakespeare and included in modern editions of his collected works despite questions over its authorship, as it was not included in the First Folio. Whilst various arguments support that Shakespeare is the sole author of the play Pericles, the young Prince (ruler) of Tyre in Phoenicia (Lebanon), hears the riddle, and instantly understands its meaning: Antiochus is engaged in an incestuous relationship with his daughter. If he reveals this truth, he will be killed, but if he answers incorrectly, he will also be killed. Pericles hints that he knows the answer, and asks for more time to think. Antiochus grants him forty days, and then sends an assassin after him. However, Pericles has fled the city in disgust.Pericles returns to Tyre, where his trusted friend and counsellor Helicanus advises him to leave the city, for Antiochus surely will hunt him down.
  • Pericles leaves Helicanus as regent and sails to Tarsus, a city beset by famine. The generous Pericles gives the governor of the city, Cleon, and his wife Dionyza, grain from his ship to save their people. The famine ends, and after being thanked profusely by Cleon and Dionyza, Pericles continues on.A storm wrecks Pericles' ship and washes him up on the shores of Pentapolis. He is rescued by a group of poor fishermen who inform him that Simonedes, King of Pentapolis, is holding a tournament the next day and that the winner will receive the hand of his daughter Thaisa in marriage. Fortunately, one of the fishermen drags Pericles' suit of armour on shore that very moment, and the prince decides to enter the tournament. Although his equipment is rusty, Pericles wins the tournament and the hand of Thaisa (who is deeply attracted to him) in marriage. CharactersAntiochus - king of AntiochPericles - Prince of TyreHelicanus and Escanes - two lords of TyreSimonides - king of PentapolisCleon - governor of TarsusLysimachus - governor of MytileneCerimon - a lord of EphesusThaliart - a lord of AntiochPhilemon - servant to CerimonLeonine - servant to DionyzaMarshalA Pandar (male owner of a brothel)Boult - The Pandar's servantThe Daughter of AntiochusDionyza - wife to CleonThaisa - daughter to Simonides, Pericles' wifeMarina - daughter to Pericles and ThaisaLychorida - nurse to MarinaA Bawd (female owner of a brothel)DianaGower as ChorusLords, Knights, Gentlemen, Sailors, Pirates, Fisherman, and Messengers

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