How to Compose a Rule Based Trading Plan: 10 Ways Beginner Traders Can Make Money in Any Market (Paperback)

How to Compose a Rule Based Trading Plan: 10 Ways Beginner Traders Can Make Money in Any Market By Z. Cobre Cover Image
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I wrote this book to give beginners some simple actionable easy to use investment and trading ideas for writing their own rule based trading plan which will give them an edge over the competition in the live financial markets. All of the techniques presented in this book are simple enough for total beginners with zero experience to use in order to begin making money right away. If you're already ready investing and trading live and are struggling or losing money the techniques in this book can help you to turn you're trading around.The live markets are a harsh and challenging environment to work in to say the least and the better tools you have the more money you will make. The simple strategies in this book are not for the weak minded and will challenge you to go against everything you may have studied thus far in your trading career. The methods in this book can be used as a baseline and if employed properly will give any trader some ideas on how to build their own rule based trading plan which is unique to their style of investing and trading.This book will be a valuable resource for beginner investors and traders who wish to expedite their learning curve and begin making money from investing and trading right away versus spending a lot of valuable education time and perhaps losing a lot of hard earned money from not having composed a rule based trading plan, the idea is to start small and build on success.The concepts presented in this book work on any market in any time frame and are not hard to employ and build into a working rule based plan that makes money consistently and will also help you to avoid the stress as well as the fear and greed which are inherent of working in this business and is a must read for any brand new self-directed investor and trader. The only thing you are in control of in the live market is how much money you don't lose and investing and trading with a rule based plan is the edge you'll need to compete with the top traders in the world.

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ISBN: 9781984330918
ISBN-10: 1984330918
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 29th, 2018
Pages: 162
Language: English

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