Multimedia Production Handbook: From the idea to the remake: Theater, Radio, Filming, Television, Internet and more. (Paperback)

Multimedia Production Handbook: From the idea to the remake: Theater, Radio, Filming, Television, Internet and more. By Ediciones Promonet (Editor), David Isaac Ruiz Cover Image
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Our main purpose is to continue strengthening the knowledge of readers. Therefore, we decided to edit this electronic book for all those people who see in multimedia production a hobby, a dream, a profession or a career in life. And as the audiovisual production has not stopped evolving, to improve and to surprise the audiences formed by millions of spectators anxious to inform themselves, entertain themselves and transorb ways of life; this book has several chapters that illustrate, defining and explaining many of the concepts and procedures that are necessary to work within the television and audiovisual industry, without leaving behind those primal media that were giving form and character to what today we call multimedia. You can start your own multimedia projects, or even manage a medium company as your own business.The bibliography available on the Internet about the techniques and production processes most accepted at present, has been updated with this Manual that did not leave anything pending because all the topics and subtopics that will complete any doubt you have and are related to this have been included. field so influential in our days in the global society.Beginning with chapter one where we approach the history and the origin of the inventions of media from the Industrial Revolution until arriving at our contemporary time where the digital technology has reunited and reduced its size and increased its capacity. In the second chapter entitled "Digital formats" we define their types of digital files and the benefits of using them in combination, as well as commenting on future possibilities.We will explore in the third chapter, how the genres of theater, moved to the radio, were improved with visual language and joined the htlm language to project through the virtual space of the Internet, creating a whole new industry of entertainment through of video games, social networks and other subgenres for the most varied public."Multimedia Spaces" is the title of the fourth chapter that describes those places arranged with the necessary tools for multimedia professionals. We also found some comparisons of what the process was by means of analogous equipments with the recent and almost definitive introduction of the digital age. In all these chapters you will find mailboxes with main ideas to remember and suggested activities as well as for teachers and film students."Project Development" is another chapter of this topic that we develop from the conception of the idea, the process of a scriptwriter until reaching the final version of his script, the beginnings of the necessary legal and financial management of this stage and the role of the Producer and many more recommendations on how to start a project on the right foot.Another of the topics that we have not left out of this book are all the directors involved in the production, including the field Producer, art, costumes and set design, such as lighting, photography techniques, audio and sound advances and music . We discovered the secrets of page to page, storyboarding, teaser and acting coaching. Chapter seven is about Production and Filming divided into more than ten sub topics. Of course we wanted to divide the precise functions also of the director, his assistants and continuists according to the current trends that introduce the Data Manager. In the final part of this chapter we gather a compendium of the most influential authors and theorists in the study of social phenomena fostered by the use of cinema as a means of artistic expression throughout the world.

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Publication Date: May 5th, 2018
Pages: 260
Language: English

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