SUDOKU Large Print Puzzle Book for Adults: 200 HARD & VERY DIFFICULT Puzzles (Large Print / Paperback)

SUDOKU Large Print Puzzle Book for Adults: 200 HARD & VERY DIFFICULT Puzzles By Puzzle Books Plus, Kat Andrews Cover Image
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BEWARE: These mind bending puzzles will make you think. This book is more difficult than "hard" Sudoku puzzles you may have done in the newspaper, in other books, or online. It is not for beginner nor intermediate puzzle solvers.

The puzzles in this book require advanced logic techniques to solve. They may seem simple as you start, but you will come to a point where you need to use X-Wing, XY-Wing, XYZ-Wing, XY-Chains, Forcing Chains, Coloring, Naked Triplets or Hidden Triplets logic to complete the puzzle. To less experienced Sudoku puzzlers it might seem like guessing, but it is not.

If you are familiar with these complex solving strategies or if you want to up your Sudoku skill level, this book is for you

  • Two big puzzles on each page give you plenty of space to note candidates and sturdy paper holds up well to erasing.
  • Extra wide center margins make it easier to solve the puzzles when you fold the book back.
  • Large print on white paper is very easy to read (even in dim light).
  • Each puzzle has one solution - provided at the back of the book. Go ahead and peek if you get stuck or want to verify your answer.
  • BONUS: Download 100 Printable Easy to Hard Puzzles to try Sudoku puzzles by Kat Andrews at different difficulty levels.

If you were misled by other books with trivial Sudoku puzzles labeled "difficult" or medium puzzles called "hard," we feel your frustration. What is "easy" for one person can be a serious challenge for another and categories are not precise.

Because there is no official Sudoku grading standard, you have no way to compare puzzles from different authors. For example, a medium puzzle in one book can be called hard in a newspaper or in a book by a different author.

To help you confidently select puzzles at the level you want, Puzzle Books Plus is committed to using a consistent grading standard for Sudoku books by Kat Andrews. We determine difficulty by the logic techniques needed to solve the puzzle.

Use the "Look inside" feature to view the first pages of this book including a few puzzles.

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ISBN: 9781978019539
ISBN-10: 197801953X
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 8th, 2017
Pages: 140
Language: English

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