Baptism of The Holy Spirit: Easy Steps to be Filled With the Holy Spirit And Obtained the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Paperback)

Baptism of The Holy Spirit: Easy Steps to be Filled With the Holy Spirit And Obtained the Gifts of the Holy Spirit By Pius Joseph Cover Image
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I Taught these Principles Online, Everyone Got Baptised

Before proceeding into the content of what you are going to be getting, I will warn you:

f you are looking for a book that will tell you little or nothing about the Holy Ghost, then this might not be the book that you need. You may go and look for some other books.
If you ever read this book, you are implicated for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, his fire will pour on your life.

I have nothing to hide. I have to tell you the truth. You're going to be baptised, praying in tongues, being filled with the Holy Ghost, and praying in the new language of the spirit.

The disciples of Jesus saw raw power of the Holy Spirit came upon them and changed everything about them. From the Peter who was struggling and denying Jesus to a new Peter who confronted the Pharisees boldly without fear.
I have seen countless people, who were ordinary believers transformed beyond words after the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The presence of the Holy Ghost in the lives of these men and women that I have seen over the years as we minister to many children of God changed them.

You will find the testimonies of several people in this book that went through the same path as you're doing now and got filled. Their testimonials will encourage you that if they can ask the Lord to baptise them and he did, you too will be filled with the fire of the Holy Ghost.
In this book, you will:
  • Be baptised with the Ghost with the evidence of the speaking in tongues

  • Know what the Holy Ghost will be doing in your life

  • Know exactly how to receive the Holy Ghost

  • The hindrances to Holy Ghost Baptism

  • What you need to know after your baptism

  • Common Questions that Every Newly-Baptised Believer in the Holy Ghost ask

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Publication Date: August 4th, 2017
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