Good Housekeeping 1,001 Amazing Science Facts (Hardcover)

Good Housekeeping 1,001 Amazing Science Facts By Good Housekeeping (Editor), Rachel Rothman (Introduction by), Michael Burgan (With) Cover Image
By Good Housekeeping (Editor), Rachel Rothman (Introduction by), Michael Burgan (With)
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Do bees sleep? Can rocks bend? Discover the amazing answers to questions like these in this science fact-packed treasure trove for kids age 8 to 12!

Join the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute and get stoked about science! Discover incredible info about awesome animals, our exceptional planet Earth, exciting chemical reactions, extraordinary engineering, and more in this fun-filled, fact-packed book for budding scientists. Packed with hundreds of dynamite color photos and illustrations, hands-on STEAM activities, quizzes, and tons of cheeky jokes, this boredom-busting gift book provides young readers with a  close-up look at the science all around us.

Chapters cover super topics that kids love from animals to nature and Earth science to engineering and technology.

Inside you’ll find:
  • Dig deep to explore Earth from the inside out, from what’s going on deep below our feet, to why geysers erupt, and if we drink the same water as the dinosaurs did.
  • Go inside the human body to learn how your eyes see, what happens to food after you eat it, and about the organ which is like a balloon.
  • Investigate our natural world and find out if there are more trees or stars, how a coral reef grows from a tiny animal, and how freezing ice and fiery volcanoes are related.
  • Travel back in time and check out why scientists study dinosaur poop. Then blast off into space to see how stars are born and innovations that will help people travel to Mars.
  • Look at the animal kingdom, from your fellow primates like chimpanzees to insects with killer instincts (and you’ll even get to find out which ones have the grossest gassy habits…ewww.)   

With the expert (and sometimes wacky!) science information kids crave, this ultimate book of answers is the perfect classroom resource or gift for the casual browser and the fact-obsessed budding young scientist.

About the Author

Good Housekeeping is a leading lifestyle media brand inspiring a monthly audience of 58M readers--including 6M followers on social media.

Rachel Rothman is the chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she oversees testing methodology, implementation and reporting for all labs. She also manages Good Housekeeping’s growing research division and the analysis of applicants for the Good Housekeeping Seal, the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, the GH Humanitarian Seal and the GH Innovation emblem. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Praise For…

“The best part of 1,001 Amazing Science Facts are the sections about the animals. The snake facts were my favorite.”
–Amber, age 8

“So cool!”
–Ellia, age 8

“There are so many things to learn in here. The space section is my favorite, but there are lots of cool bug and animal pictures too.”
–Ethan, age 6

“I need more.”
–Jacob, age 6

"I think that everything in the book was super interesting like the different facts about animals, nature, the human body, science and matter, energy, earth, space, and engineering and technology."
–Jacob, age 11

"I learned lots of new things and took a lot away from this book."
–Maya, age 11

“Fun and fascinating.”
–Yanna, age 8

“We love the science facts! My 4.5yo and 2.5yo fight over who gets to read it.”
 –Eva, a happy parent

“I personally loved the variety of topics in the Science book. The whole family has learned a lot since receiving this book.”
 –Lyvyane, a happy parent

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ISBN: 9781958395851
ISBN-10: 1958395854
Publisher: Hearst Home Kids
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English

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