The Deadly Deal (Paperback)

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By J. Lee
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A simple knock on the door started it all. Two hours into another seemingly-mundane Monday morning, David Centrelli, an executive at a pharmaceutical company, gets held at gunpoint. He's blackmailed because of a troubled past and some poor decisions he made years ago. Then, he's labeled a people who specialize in permanently eliminating problems. When his house burns down and he learns his best friend's death days earlier was no accident, he must either trust someone he doesn't know or run - fast - without direction or much hope for survival. Still, unsure of who is chasing him or why, it seems the safer choice is to run. Soon he becomes engulfed in the most dangerous of games with the most dangerous of players. The more he learns, the more he wants to forget. Millions of lives suddenly dependent on him, he has to escape death from people trained to administer it, prevent a colossal calamity already set in motion by very powerful foes, and surmount the most formidable opponent: time.

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ISBN: 9781952439582
ISBN-10: 1952439582
Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 328
Language: English

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