Empath: 3 Manuscripts in 1 - An Effective Practical Guide, A 21 Step by Step Guide, A Psychologist's Guide for Empaths and Hig (Hardcover)

Empath: 3 Manuscripts in 1 - An Effective Practical Guide, A 21 Step by Step Guide, A Psychologist's Guide for Empaths and Hig Cover Image
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If you are tired of having little to no control over your reaction to the emotions of other people and want to protect your sanity and mental health, then keep reading.

Are you sick and tired of being used by manipulative people who know how to exploit your "weakness"? Have you tried without success to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the energies other people put out?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to the nagging feeling of having to put the needs of others above yours before you can find peace and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

You see, I used to struggle with being highly attuned to what other people were feeling. I basically had no filter and the emotions of other people would just wash over me like a wave, often leaving me drained, overwhelmed and unproductive. Eventually, I got tired of it and knew I had to find a way to install desperately needed emotional filters if I wanted to retain my sanity.

After countless hours of research and poring over dozens of books on the topic along with a lot of trial and error, I finally found a solid blueprint that worked perfectly for me and helped me better process the emotional input from others in a healthy way.

This Empath book contains everything you need to know about empathy and has the following guides:

  • 1. Empath: An Effective Practical Guide
    2. Empath: A 21 Step-by-Step Guide
    3. A Psychologist's Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Having helped people regain control of their lives and turn their empathy into a formidable strength instead of a debilitating weakness, I can show you how you too can also gain mastery over your responses to the emotional stimuli of others and develop your gift. In fact, it's easier than you think. You'll see

In this book, you're going to discover:

  • A checklist to find out if you or someone you know is an empath
  • How to get started on the path to self-acceptance if you're an empath
  • Feeling out of place or like you don't belong? You're going to find seven tips to help you regain self-confidence
  • How to deal with the impostor syndrome that is often common with empaths
  • Step-by-step instructions on dealing with emotional overload and burnout
  • Breaking out of the vicious cycle of negativity that sensitive people are often prone to
  • The ten main ways your gift can manifest and how you can identify yours
  • No-nonsense meditation guide designed specifically for empaths
  • ...and tons more

Imagine how much more in control you'd feel if you could properly process emotional stimulus from other people and not let it mess with your head and your day. No matter where you are on the scale of emotional sensitivity, there's something in these pages for you.

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