Chronic Grace: Prayers, Saints, and Thorns That Stay (Paperback)

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In a world where thorns pierce the flesh of our lives, one woman's journey through pain, illness, and uncertainty unfolds in a story that is as raw as it is inspiring. Meet author Julie K. Rhodes, a "non-dramatic" running mother who aspires to keep her acting career afloat and her kids educated during the pandemic. But then something unexpected happens, throwing her into a perplexing struggle with an illness that is still mysterious and stubborn - Long Covid. Julie's world has been turned upside down by the Backpack of Woe she is carrying, which is heavy with fatigue, fever, and ultimately the specter of another thorn: cancer.
A ray of hope appears in the midst of the gloom. Julie learns the power of grace - mysterious, elusive, yet the universe's guiding force - by learning to pray biblically with Christian saints and mystics of old. Chronic Grace offers the opportunity to see a woman's profound journey that reflects the struggles of historical figures like Ignatius, Teresa of Avila, and others. Julie strives to comprehend the mystery of grace and how it may heal even the most broken life with these unusual but wise partners.
However, this is not a solo journey. As a reader, you too will develop a bond with the author's colorful cast of characters. These historical figures experienced the pain of thorns and sought comfort via their own individual paths of prayer. Their teachings will shed light on the possibilities of acceptance and healing in a way that will connect with you personally.
Join Julie on this soul-stirring journey through deep canyons and unexpected insights - with a big dose of humor thrown in for good measure. By the time you've finished reading this memoir, you'll have met people who share your struggles and learned about the transforming power of grace - a force that can sustain you even in the most difficult of circumstances. You'll leave knowing that grace, not thorns, defines our true essence.

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ISBN: 9781951648688
ISBN-10: 1951648684
Publisher: Leadership Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 298
Language: English

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