Backyard Homestead: A Practical Guide to Building Your Own Mini Farm & Raising Farm Animals for Beginners (Paperback)

Backyard Homestead: A Practical Guide to Building Your Own Mini Farm & Raising Farm Animals for Beginners Cover Image
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Discover how to master essential homesteading skills and produce all the food you and your family need right in your own backyard

Have you ever considered growing plants and raising your own animals for self-sustenance and profit, but are put off by the time commitment it may require? Do you want to take control over what you eat and reduce your dependence on chemical-laden commercial produce?

If you've looked for answers to any of the questions above before, then keep reading...

In this definitive guide to homesteading, Luke Smith shows you how to turn your backyard into a sustainable farm for raising livestock like chickens, goats, cattle and bees for their products, as well as providing organic, homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Among the pages of Backyard Homestead, you're going to discover:

  • Cogent reasons to start your own backyard homestead, no matter where you live right now
  • Foolproof tips to pick the perfect spot in your home backyard to start your garden
  • Steps to help you set up your very first or next backyard garden to ensure a healthy, bountiful yield
  • Strategies to help you maintain a healthy soil that is just right for your plants
  • Step-by-step instructions to build and set up your own barn or convert a prefabricated shed into a barn
  • Everything you need to know about efficiently raising healthy chickens, goat, cattle, and bees in your backyard for fun and profit
  • ...and much, much more

It doesn't matter whether you're completely new to homesteading or you're a seasoned farmer looking to pick up new tips to help you better manage your garden and flock, Backyard Homestead is a comprehensive guide that is designed to help you confidently grow and produce your own food.

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ISBN: 9781951345457
ISBN-10: 1951345452
Publisher: Novelty Publishing LLC
Publication Date: July 1st, 2020
Pages: 150
Language: English