Container Gardening - The Permaculture Way: Sustainably Grow Vegetables and More in Your Small Space (Paperback)

Container Gardening - The Permaculture Way: Sustainably Grow Vegetables and More in Your Small Space By Valéry Tsimba Cover Image
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Anyone, anywhere can grow fresh, healthy produce, foster biodiversity, and reconnect with nature by using the permaculture approach—no matter your space or experience.

Permaculture—rooted in centuries-old techniques for growing food with care for the Earth—is the key to producing a bigger harvest than you ever thought possible on your balcony, patio, driveway, deck, and anywhere in between!

With sustainability as her guiding principle, Valéry Tsimba enthusiastically instructs home gardeners of all skill levels and backgrounds in her proven container gardening methods, from start to finish.

  • Use the principles of permaculture to increase your garden’s productivity, biodiversity, and beauty by starting small and going slow.

  • Get set up: Pick the best planters and tools for your space and learn how to adapt to natural conditions like wind and sun exposure.

  • Increase your harvest naturally with companion planting, small-space composting, chemical-free fertilizers, and staggered harvests.

  • Learn which plants are best suited to container gardens, from leafy greens and pollinator-friendly flowers to strawberries and even melons!

Containers make gardening more accessible for everyone. Whether you live in an apartment, have a disability or chronic illness, have never gardened before, or are an experienced gardener new to permaculture, Container Gardening—The Permaculture Way brings sustainable gardening within reach.

About the Author

Valéry Tsimba is a Parisian who has long nurtured a passion for plants; her enthusiasm for gardening and thirst for knowledge led her to discover permaculture. She sets out to prove that anyone can harvest a vegetable garden with patience, observation skills, and motivation.

Praise For…

Like a beloved gardening mentor, Tsimba gives great advice about how to succeed at container gardening. Her book includes best practices for where to make a container garden, along with what and when to plant, so that readers can enjoy the fruits, flowers, and veggies of their labor. . . . An excellent book to hand to beginner gardeners.
— Library Journal

Container Gardening—The Permaculture Way is a joy to read, filled with rare tips, inspiring photos, and personal insights that can be gathered only through years of patience, thoughtfulness, and close observation. Through her generous, kind, nature-oriented approach, Valéry Tsimba makes growing food accessible to people living in even the smallest of spaces. Taking readers through every step of the process, she demonstrates how to apply ecological lessons from the forest to pots on a balcony, deck, patio, or windowsill. . . . Tsimba’s advice will help gardeners grow gently and inexpensively while replenishing the earth and welcoming birds, ladybugs, bees, and other wild friends to partake in the beautiful abundance

— Nancy Lawson, author of The Humane Gardener and Wildscape - TopNature

Valéry is a genius when it comes to incorporating permaculture principles into container gardening in small urban spaces, taking her inspiration from forest ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity high up in the city sky. After reading her book, I’m excited to explore all the possibilities in my own backyard garden.
— Valery Rizzo, co-editor of Urban Farmers

The truth in permaculture principles is demonstrated by Valéry’s ability to apply them in a way not thought of as permanent—her balcony container garden. Ingenuity and a gift for growing shine through in this relatable and informative book.
— Angela Judd, author of How to Grow Your Own Food

An enjoyable and easy-to-follow read. . . . Perfect for any experience level, beginner to expert. Even after growing food for over thirteen years, I learned many new and interesting ideas.
— Julia Dimakos, author of Tea Gardening for Beginners

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ISBN: 9781891011382
ISBN-10: 1891011383
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2024
Pages: 160
Language: English

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