Credit Spread Options for Beginners: Turn Your Most Boring Stocks into Reliable Monthly Paychecks using Call, Put & Iron Butterfly Spreads - Even If T (Paperback)

Credit Spread Options for Beginners: Turn Your Most Boring Stocks into Reliable Monthly Paychecks using Call, Put & Iron Butterfly Spreads - Even If T By Freeman Publications Cover Image
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What if you could get an extra $100, $200 or even $500 deposited directly into your brokerage account within the next 24 hours?

That might sound impossible... but with credit spreads... it's not just a possibility... it's a certainty.

With credit spreads, every single trade pays you when you enter it.

And you can use these to generate safe returns, no matter what happens to your stock.

Unlike regular options trading, you don't even need to guess the direction of a stock, or what price it will be in a month.

You only have to guess the price range.

And you can use this strategy to generate income on stocks you don't even own... even if those stocks are moving sideways.

Plus by focusing on only the most reliable moves - you can win as often as 85 times out of every 100 trades - which means you pile up profits that others can only dream about

All of this without paying a "trading guru" thousands of dollars to learn their system.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn inside the book:

- The 8 criteria we use to select the best stocks to write credit spreads - Page 85

- 10 examples of stock you should never use to trade credit spreads. Amateurs do this all the time and you can lose as much as $31,000 on a single trade. Learn why these stocks are so dangerous and what to do instead - Page 86

- How to automatically set up take profit levels so you only have to spend a couple minutes each month managing your trades - Page 104

- Options Greeks explained in 10 minutes - Page 44

- Exactly what level the VIX should be at before you sell a spread. A backtest implementing this one tweak made the strategy 50% more profitable over 10 years worth of trades - Page 96

- A simple strategy for selecting the right strike price for your options - Page 160

- The only 3 technical indicators you need to know for credit spreads. Ignore everything else, you only need these 3 beginner friendly metrics to get started - Page 70

- How to find the best credit spreads stocks for free. Stock scanning services will charge you $300 a year for this information, but our approach costs nothing and lists the exact same companies - Page 81

Plus, inside the book you get free access to a 7 part video course covering every aspect of profitable investing

So even if you've never used options before, the book walks you through everything step by step. You'll find ideas explained in plain English, free from technical jargon.

Even if you get stuck, you can always send us an email (provided inside the book) or reach out in our private investing community on social media - we're happy to help with any questions

And remember... bank CD's will only pay you between 0% and 1%... the dividend yield on the S&P 500 is around 2%... and 5 to 10 year municipal bonds will only pay between 2% and 3%.

But if you use what's inside this book, you could have the opportunity to earn so much more than that.

And when you receive just a single premium from one of these trades (which is paid into your account instantly) it will cover the cost of this book 10x over.

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ISBN: 9781838267346
ISBN-10: 1838267344
Publisher: Freeman Publications Limited
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English

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