Nft and Blockchain: How to Create, Buy and Sell A Non-Fungible Token (Hardcover)

Nft and Blockchain: How to Create, Buy and Sell A Non-Fungible Token By James Parker Cover Image
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You don't know much about NFT and Metaverse industry, but would like to understand how to make a profit using Non-Fungible Tokens?Do you want to deepen your knowledge in NFTs and get the best NFT investment strategies for 2022?Would you like to start your own NFT enterprise as an entrepreneur, a producer, or an artist to generate income?Then just don't lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance...this book is definitely for you With the popularisation of "Non-Fungible Tokens," or NFTs, in the latest days, an increasing group of artists and businesses recognize the unique ability of NFTs in the interactive digital sector. However, with enough contradicting information and guidance available, how do you know how to proceed?NFT & Crypto art provides you with an enlightening glimpse at how this new innovation will impact the art industry by laying down the fundamental of Non-Fungible Tokens in a realistic, coherent process.The important manual covers whatever you need to know regarding Non-Fungible Tokens, including the principles of cryptocurrency and the underpinnings behind NFTs, the easiest methods to start making, purchasing, and Trading NFTs, as well as a variety of styles and advice to become an NFT enthusiast.We'd be equally pleased to demonstrate how and where to calculate the potential cost of developing and marketing an NFT in plain English.This is difficult, however, owing to the perplexing character of blockchains, the fast fluctuation of currency values, and the lack of accountability on the networks themselves.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781803036335
ISBN-10: 1803036338
Publisher: James Parker
Publication Date: April 17th, 2022
Pages: 108
Language: English

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