Stock and Options Trading for Beginners 2021: Start Living the Life You Want Thanks to Options, Day and Swing Trading, and Stock Market Strategies! In (Paperback)

Stock and Options Trading for Beginners 2021: Start Living the Life You Want Thanks to Options, Day and Swing Trading, and Stock Market Strategies! In By William J. Ehlers Cover Image
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Are you looking to create a passive income? Are you dissatisfied with your job and looking for a business to have a second income? But, with so many opportunities to choose from, which one to start? If you want to start creating your second income of 1000$-1500$ Options Trading could be your solution: it is the only financial market that allows you to earn even when the market prices are still every moment If you are looking for effective strategies to start Trading safely and logically, avoiding Trading gambling, then "Stock and Options Trading for Beginners" is the book for you

If you are unsatisfied with your job and would you like can replace it in one which you can make a career or reflect better your lifestyle, Trading could definitely be your solution Imagine yourself while following the market and analyze price graphic on the beach with your family No more stressful meeting; no more running for arriving in office; no more dreaming a promotion that it no happens. Only you, your commitment and your competencies. That's the power of Trading

Do you know that the market moves prices up and down 30% of the time, but stays still 70% of the time? For this reason, Options Trading is cost-efficient and less risky. It guarantees higher potential returns and serves as a more strategic alternative for aspiring traders and investors. Stock trading is no so different: when handled properly, you can expect high investment returns, dividend income, diversification, multiple trades, and ownership.

Without adequate study and practice, Trading could seem somewhat like gambling. The only way to transform Trading in a business concretely, reducing the loss of money, is to study hard and understand all its rules. To have a successful Trading in Stock and Options, the keys are to create a good Money Management Plan and analyze the market very well You need only a complete guide to explain the specific strategies and the right methods to set your operations; for this reason, "Stock and Options Trading for Beginners" is a must-have in your study of the basics of Trading. Thanks to it, you will learn:

-What are Risk and Volatility in the market and how to read them in Graphics

-The importance of Technical Analysis for a beginner

-How to read the Patterns on the Graph

-How to individuate the Entry points to start your first operation

-How to set Exit point with a Stop-Loss according to your Risk Management

-Why it is so important to have Effective Money Management and how to do it

-What the Stock market is and why it is so important for the other markets

-7+ Options Trading Strategies explained in very simple terms

-7+ Stock Market strategies to differentiate your passive income in Trading Business

-Which mistakes avoid if you are a beginner

-Why with the Right Mindset you can become a Good Investor

So, what are you waiting for? Start to understand the Trading world and create your first passive income

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ISBN: 9781802538243
ISBN-10: 1802538240
Publisher: William J. Ehlers
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2021
Pages: 332
Language: English

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