Yaozhou Wares from Museums and Art Institutes Around the World: Including Yaozhou Tribute Wares (Hardcover)

Yaozhou Wares from Museums and Art Institutes Around the World: Including Yaozhou Tribute Wares By Rose Kerr Cover Image
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- Gathers together over 700 illustrations of some of the finest Yaozhou wares from around the world, which are accompanied by scholarly essays

- Includes over 400 pieces of Yaozhou ware

2023 American Ceramic Circle Book Award Finalist

Yaozhou ware is one of the finest Chinese celadons, made in north China over a period of 700 years, from the 7th to the 14th centuries. Their style developed and changed over time. In the Tang dynasty (618-906) black, brown, lead glazed and black-on-white painted ceramics were made. During the Five Dynasties period (907-960) a technical peak was achieved, and white-bodied wares with beautiful blue-green glazes appeared. During the Northern Song and Jin dynasties (906-1279) more olive-toned celadon glazes became the norm, their intricate decoration and lustrous surfaces supplying a unique aesthetic. At the end of the Jin dynasty the kilns declined and started to manufacture folk ware. Yaozhou Wares from Museums and Art Institutes Around the World gathers illustrations and descriptions of some of the finest Yaozhou wares in private and public collections around the globe. The account considers ceramics in sections, according to their form and decoration, and includes the finest-quality 'official wares' requisitioned for imperial use. Copious illustrations are augmented by a scholarly essay. Highlighting over 400 pieces of Yaozhou ware, the book contains 711 color and 3 black-and-white illustrations from 56 major museums and art institutes, and will inspire collectors, students and anyone with a love for Chinese ceramics.

About the Author

Rose Kerr is an English art historian specializing in Chinese art, especially Chinese ceramics. She graduated in Chinese studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and was one of a handful of British students to live and study in China during the last year of the Cultural Revolution, 1975-1976. She has often traveled round China, visiting museums and ancient kiln sites. After working for 25 years at the Victoria & Albert Museum, she now concentrates on teaching, research and writing. This is her 28th book on Chinese art.

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ISBN: 9781788841771
ISBN-10: 1788841778
Publisher: Acc Art Books
Publication Date: June 29th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English

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