Wise Up: Power, Wisdom, and the Older Woman (Paperback)

Wise Up: Power, Wisdom, and the Older Woman By Barbara Scully Cover Image
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Barbara Scully launches her debut book with a frank look at the last half-century of women's place in society, told via her lived experience of womanhood in contemporary Ireland. The 60-year-old broadcaster pulls no punches as she blends uncomfortable truths with indispensable advice in this essential feminist publication.

Wise Up to the power ... Wise Up to the wisdom ... Wise Up to life after menopause

Barbara Scully offers her take on life after the big 'M'.

Told with searing honesty, this memoir-come-self-help guide is laced with social history and the occasional rant to deliver a read that is humorous and essential. It offers younger women a guide to navigating the hurdles of adulting, and older women the opportunity to consider the two great benefits of ageing - wisdom and power.

It's time to dream big, just like you did when you were a teenager.

"Whatever the reason, I realised when I turned 40 and with every decade since I have less f*cks to give. It's liberating, I tell you." Barbara Scully.

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ISBN: 9781739710903
ISBN-10: 1739710908
Publisher: Zsa Zsa Publishing
Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English

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