Betrayed at Birth: True stories of love, lust, greed and hope. (Paperback)

Betrayed at Birth: True stories of love, lust, greed and hope. By Maravillas Lencina (Translator), Greg Rabidoux (Editor), Enrique Vila Torres Cover Image
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This book, based on actual cases and investigations, tells how a widespread criminal network in Spain and Morocco, stole and sold babies through an underground baby black market for decades. All the while, government, church and doctors and nurses either looked the other way, or worse, conspired together to deceive parents and family while lining their own pockets. You will meet the young lovers whose baby was taken from them and sold away by a nurse working with a nun, you will find out the truth of what a powerful family patriarch did rather than live with the "shame" of having his young daughter give birth to the baby of a charming but poor island musician. You will discover what really went on in a famous clinic in Madrid and how a greedy gynecologist collaborated with a cruel but calculating nun to deceive new mothers while stealing their newborn babies and selling them on the black market. You will learn of the fate of one mother and her baby girl who dared to uncover this evil network across Spain. You will also feel the pain and desperation of a young couple who cannot conceive and who risk it all in deciding to cross borders to buy a baby and how that will forever change the lives of a young couple in love who dream of one day being together despite the rejection of their own families who forbid them to ever see one another again. Finally, you will learn why baby stealing started in Spain, how it went on undetected and unpunished for decades and why, even today, thousands of Spaniards search for the truth about their own origins and to hopefully, one day, be reunited with their loved ones.

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ISBN: 9781735271637
ISBN-10: 1735271632
Publisher: Valmar Books
Publication Date: January 7th, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English

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