The Great Giraffe Rescue: Saving the Nubian Giraffes (Library Binding)

The Great Giraffe Rescue: Saving the Nubian Giraffes By Sandra Markle Cover Image
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Long ago, Nubian giraffes roamed wild across Uganda.

Over time, as people constructed roads and towns, giraffe habitat and populations shrank. By 2016, nearly all of the country's two hundred and fifty giraffes were grouped in one area within Murchison Falls National Park. Then a rich oil deposit was discovered there and companies made plans to start drilling, which would make the area unlivable for giraffes.

To preserve their dwindling population, the Ugandan government enlisted the help of a giraffe conservation organization to move a group of giraffes across a river to safer territory. Can they do it in time to keep the giraffes safe?

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ISBN: 9781728443218
ISBN-10: 1728443210
Publisher: Millbrook Press (Tm)
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English

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