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Angelo Frazier, born in a neighborhood of Washington, D.C., was heading for his dream--with physical ability, outstanding at his six-foot-eight appearance, a young man from "D.C." had the same nickname when the college fans cheered, "DC DC DC "

Coming from an all-black school in Washington, D.C., he had chosen an all-white parochial high school that had been offered to him for his final year in basketball, where he was bound to be spotted for his leaping and blocking ability.

Sure enough, colleges came recruiting, and he chose Mount St. Mary's, in Frederick, Maryland. After graduation with a business and finance degree, he found jobs waiting for him in the banking institutions and retail. But that cold room with calculators and computers didn't last. He was longing for something else. Maybe a basketball career was for him? Playing with a team from France, then in Germany, helped hone his skills until that disastrous day came when the Achilles' tendon snapped

"What now?" he bemoaned as he sat in the German hospital bed, told by doctors he may never even walk again, let alone play basketball. Then, the "little did he know" moment was starting to expand. God was leading him away from the glitz and glamor to the real world of where he had been given talent for God's glory. No, it wasn't the great leaping ability now, but the gift of sight into where people are hurting that was beginning to form.

What this book brings is the insights and nature of God stepping into humanity by His saving grace for one, Angelo Frazier. He offers poems, prose, published works, and general phrases that developed over a lifetime of physical pain, agonizing heartbreak, and crushing spiritual insight given now by His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

You will laugh, cry, and be amazed by how God works through this man from the streets of D.C. to the "Streets of Bakersfield."

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ISBN: 9781685708948
ISBN-10: 1685708943
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 76
Language: English

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