The Philadelphia Titan The Adam Renfroe Jr. Story: Lawyer Who Put Major League Baseball on Trial (Paperback)

The Philadelphia Titan The Adam Renfroe Jr. Story: Lawyer Who Put Major League Baseball on Trial By Jr. Renfroe, Adam Cover Image
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Adam Renfroe, Jr. is the Philadelphia Titan. "Adam said he was gonna tell the truth in a book one day, and boy, did he ever tell it in this book" (a quote from a friend). Starting with a book proposal entitled "No Justice, Just Us: What Went Wrong with Major League Baseball," former Philadelphia attorney and baseball fan Adam Renfroe, Jr. set out to tell his personal and career-ending story about his 1985 courtroom battle with MLB and the Federal Government. A number of National League baseball stars were in trouble that year for the use, solicitation, and participation of recreational cocaine and its league-wide distribution baseball stars who including Dave Parker, Keith Hernandez, Dale Berra, and Lonnie Smith. This Major League Baseball drug scandal was a sign of the times in the American 1980s when the entire country was struggling with recreational drug addictions. This scandal became infamously known as the Pittsburgh Drug Trials. Tough-nosed attorney Adam Renfroe, Jr. was stuck right in the middle of it, defending a fellow Philadelphian, Curtis "Chef Curt" Strong, a Phillies fanatic caterer who had been accused of selling cocaine to several Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates' baseball players. But when Curtis Strong was faced with the prospect of doing hard time, Major League Baseball Commissioner Peter Uberroth and head of the United States Department of Justice Edwin Meese had worked out a deal with the accused baseball players to give them immunity for their confessions by naming not only Chef Curt but several Pittsburgh area drug dealers who had unfortunately befriended and associated with this group of popular, wealthy, and obviously pampered baseball players who had found themselves addicted to cocaine and hungry to find their next fix. With MLB and the Federal Government in collusion, Adam Renfroe, Jr. was strongly advised to leave the case alone, play nice, and walk away from it like every other attorney had previously done. He was told that Curtis Strong and the rest of the group of ragtag, petty drug dealers were not worth putting his career on the line for in a case that he couldn't possibly win. But Adam was a stand-up guy and a North Philadelphia loyalist, who had been trained to fight to the finish in defense of the common man who needed it. It was the reason why he had become a lawyer in the first place. And in the aftermath of a long, revealing, and nationally televised and debated case, Adam Renfroe, Jr.'s career all came crumbling down. This book not only tells the story of his historical courtroom battle with Major League Baseball and the Federal Government but unravels the personal and professional struggles of a man who had the audacity to go up against the multimillionaires of Major League Baseball and the intimidating power of the Federal Government in the first place. So we give you Philadelphia Titan: The Adam Renfroe, Jr. Story, the lawyer who took Major League Baseball to trial.

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ISBN: 9781684560448
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Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 30th, 2019
Pages: 284
Language: English

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