Awakened to His Voice: "God Said!" (Paperback)

Awakened to His Voice:
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This book was written to convey to the reader God's unconditional love for humanity, his mercy, and grace. Life must be lived on purpose and for something greater than oneself. There is absolutely nothing in this physical world that is more important than God's purposes for our lives. We need God's help and grace to live from day to day. Satan will do everything in his power to keep us out of the will of God for our lives. God wants our hearts and our motives to be pure. Doing everything God's way will bring blessings to our lives, our families, and to our nation. When the Word of God is read and practiced, it will take root in our hearts and produce fruit. The kingdom of God cannot be shaken. The more we seek God, the more He reveals Himself to us and He does not wink at sin. In fact, He hates it. Wealth, prestige, wrong relationships, racism, division, hatred, power, social status, and living in an unrighteous manner are not worth being separated from the love of God. Love is a decision. We have dominion over the devil and demonic powers when we spend time in the presence of God and are in right relations with Him, reading His Word, and praying; thereby allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to us-- leading, guiding, and directing us as we go through this journey called life. The Word of God is life-changing. When we are receptive to the Word, it will impact our lives and the lives of those around us for the better moving forward. God's power, His Spirit, and His Word will empower, encourage, heal our body, deliver us from the bondage that we did not know that we had, equip, and strengthen us when facing difficult situations and circumstances. Ask Him to open the eyes of your understanding so that you can know Him more intimately and see Him more clearly. He adores you Embrace His promises for your life with love and faith, hold on, and don't let go Have the bulldog tenacity to never quit or give up To God be the glory Ruth Prince-Dukes is a wife, a stepmother, a grandmother, a sister, a sister-in-law, an educator, a human service worker, a friend, and most importantly, a daughter of the Most High God. She does not consider herself to be an author and this book has been written without any claim to literary expertise, but rather through the unction and prompting of the Holy Spirit. When I see the moral decline in our society in religion, politics, race relations, and just common decency, I grapple with whether Christians are truly the 'salt' and 'light' in the earth. The body of Christ must stand for righteousness and be that beacon of light in a dark world that is growing darker and darker with the dawning of each new day. The most important elements of this book are the spoken Words of God which are the most valuable and important resource given to humanity. Just like a car manual comes with instructions that details how to operate the vehicle, humanity has a biblical manual that outlines and tells us how we are to live and treat each other while living on planet earth. This book was written to awaken us to the purposes of God's plan for our lives and the tasks that lie ahead for the body of Christ as true believers and followers of Christ and to carry out the great commission. It is about God's love, grace, forgiveness, salvation, reconciliation, and the importance of prayer. It is only God that can make us whole. In the words of Bishop Michael B. Curry, "If it's not about love, it's not about God." May God be exalted on the earth. I give Him the praise, honor, and the glory that he so deserves.

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ISBN: 9781662855627
ISBN-10: 1662855621
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 13th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English

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