The Started Colt: Horsemanship as an Art (Paperback)

The Started Colt: Horsemanship as an Art By Bret Davis Cover Image
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At a certain point in my life I became fed up with the Equine industry, I didn't like the way people treated horses, I didn't like the way people talked about horses and I didn't like the way people looked at horses.

In despair and heart broke over the loss of my first love I gradually came to see horses in a new and different light, they became a canvas for me, there movement a form of art and the work I put in a practice of art, an expression of self.

This book strives to be a clinical discussion of art and art theory in the same vein as it's name sake, the classic treaties by Xenophon.

I do not expect the reader to finish this book and start up a career as a colt starter, yet I hope the reader finishes this book and and finds themselves compelled to study the lines of there horse, drawn to observe the movement of the eye and ear, staggered by the dimensional depth of each foot fall.

Were I to wake and find myself in some strange land that had no horses I would first find myself a pen and pencil and draw myself a horse to look at.

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ISBN: 9781662442254
ISBN-10: 1662442254
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English

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