30-Minute Drawing for Beginners: Easy Step-by-Step Lessons and Techniques for Landscapes, Still Lifes, Figures, and More (Paperback)

30-Minute Drawing for Beginners: Easy Step-by-Step Lessons and Techniques for Landscapes, Still Lifes, Figures, and More By Jordan DeWilde Cover Image
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Unlock your drawing potential with lessons you can do on your lunch break

No drawing experience? No time for classes? No problem! 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners can teach you a new drawing technique in the time it takes to fold the laundry or grab a coffee. Broken into bite-sized lessons on how to draw, this entry-level drawing book for adults of all ages gives you a strong foundation in the fundamentals, like shading, perspective, composition, and more.

Grow your drawing skills and confidence with:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions—Build your abilities with illustrated, step-by-step directions designed to help you progress from sketching simple forms to detailed landscapes and self-portraits.

  • Essential techniques—Learn the key elements you'll need to improve your drawing, such as shape, texture, and form, and then practice what you've learned with bonus challenges.

  • Lessons you'll want to practice—With some exercises as short as 10 minutes, it's easy to fit lessons from 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners into even the busiest schedule.

Start learning to draw in minutes with this fun and encouraging guide to drawing for beginners.

About the Author

JORDAN DEWILDE has taught art for more than nine years and was awarded the Illinois Elementary Art Educator of the Year award in 2018. He writes regularly for The Art of Education University magazine on topics pertaining to contemporary art, social justice, and art education. Follow Jordan @mrdewildeart.

Praise For…

"As an art educator, Jordan knows how to encourage creativity and confidence. With his approachable step-by-step and timed exercises, anyone can learn or improve their drawing skills. Even for the most reluctant learner, this book makes drawing approachable and possible. So, grab a pencil and start drawing!" —Megan Dehner, Senior Editor, The Art of Education University Magazine

"When I was a young and aspiring artist, I often looked to drawing tutorial books to build my skills, yet, those step-by-step tutorials only got me so far in my creative abilities. What sets 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners apart from those earlier references is that it provides equal parts guidance and creative freedom. It builds both skills and confidence in the emerging artist." —Sarah Ackermann, Executive Director of Teaching Innovation at Ball State University

"This book is excellent for going over basics and is built upon drawing fundamentals using a step-by-step process that all beginners can understand. Each and every lesson is easily understandable, methodical in building upon earlier lessons, and does not overcomplicate the process." —Susan Czechowski, Art Professor at Western Illinois University

"30-Minute Drawing for Beginners lays out a variety of exercises in simple, concise, easy-to-follow steps. Jordan DeWilde's experience teaching and his own skills as an artist are evident in the thoughtful presentation of the exercises in this book. If you have ever wanted to learn to draw or want to escape from the stresses of today's world and can find 30 minutes to explore another way of thinking, this book will help you on your way." —Dr. Edward O. Stewart, Retired Art Professor at Illinois State University

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647391225
ISBN-10: 1647391229
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 84
Language: English
Series: 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners

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