Ritual as Remedy: Embodied Practices for Soul Care (Paperback)

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A step-by-step guide to potent self-care and soul-care rituals that awaken freedom, joy, intuition, self-love, and your inner mystic

• Explains how ritual can serve as a way to ground yourself, invite in the new, let go of what needs to be shed, and tap into your own inner powers

• Shares ancient and modern rituals, ceremonies, and practices to connect with the seasons, the lunar cycles, and the five elements, as well as open your heart, dance with your shadow self, grow your intuition, and connect with your body

• Offers detailed instructions for each ritual, ceremony, and transformative healing practice

HEALING BALM for psyche and soul, ritual invokes a unique magic that allows us to step beyond the mundane and touch base with the sacred turning points in our life and the truth of our soul’s calling.

In this evocative guide, Mara Branscombe offers potent soul-care rituals and ceremonies to purify and strengthen minds, hearts, and bodies, so as to enable us to activate our inner power. Connecting with the pagan wheel of the year, the five elements, and the lunar cycle, soulstirring rituals and step-by-step healing protocols show a path towards a deeper, heart-centered living. Transformative practices such as guided meditations and visualizations, breathwork, altar creation, and discovery of our personal empowerment mantras facilitate our healing journey. Ancient and modern ceremonies and specific spiritual formulas help us embody a loving existence, dance with our shadow self, engage with grief, grow our intuition, dismantle limiting beliefs, and heal toxic patterns to find inner strength and peace.

Ritual as Remedy is an invitation to shape-shift, heal, transform, and reclaim one’s true soul purpose through powerful self-care protocols that awaken freedom, joy, and a wild, untamed self-love.

About the Author

Mara Branscombe is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, mother, artist, ceremonialist, and spirit coach, who finds great joy in leading others along the path of self-transformation. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, mind-body practices, and earth-based rituals into her offerings. She lives in both Vancouver, Canada, and a cabin in the woods with her husband and two daughters.

Praise For…

"Invites readers to answer the 'call of the inner mystic'... Branscombe’s instructions are detailed and easy to follow... those who can’t get enough of esoteric-flavored self-care will appreciate the bounty of rituals."
— Publishers Weekly

“Mara Branscombe welcomes us into ritual as a doorway to the sacred in our everyday lives and reminds us of our inherent connection to the great mother through the cycles of the earth. She sprinkles poetry amid a carefully crafted road map shaped by her years on the path of love, inviting us to dance with our shadows and awaken the mystic within each of us, guided by the elements and aligned with the moon. This is potent medicine as we rise to tend to the cries of our embodied world.”
— Mirabai Starr, teacher, speaker, and author of Wild Mercy and Caravan of No Despair

“A sacred alchemy of healing is found within the pages of Ritual as Remedy. Mara Branscombe weaves ancient teachings into powerful and accessible rituals that remind us that nothing is mundane and that each moment holds the possibility for renewal.”
— Tracee Stanley, founder of Empowered Life Circle and Sankalpa Shakti Yoga School, author of Radiant

Ritual as Remedy lays a path to rediscover the sacred in our everyday lives. It invites us to use the power of ritual to see the beauty, wonder, and vibrancy that lies before us. Each ritual weaves a way back home to true self, transforming the quality of our entire life.”
— Michele Kambolis, Ph.D. (mind-body medicine), clinical counselor, and author of When Women Rise

“Mara’s purposeful, steady instruction invites us to heal, transform, and connect to what matters most. Ritual as Remedy is an embodied, wise, and wondrous guidebook for our times.”
— Elena Brower, yoga and meditation teacher, mentor, artist, and author of Practice You, Being You, an

“Mara is an intuitive writer with a special ability to see what’s below the surface. She has a unique understanding of rituals and how to weave them into your life in ways that are meaningful and magical. A beautiful read for anyone seeking to grow more joy using soul care.”
— Samantha Skelly, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of Hungry for Happiness

Ritual as Remedy emanates warmth and wisdom. Mara Branscombe provides a clear and vital path to retrieve and enliven our inherent soul intelligence through nurturing rituals designed to illuminate our own inner worlds of wonder and self-healing. The prose, invitations, and rituals overflow with a heartfelt authenticity that harmonizes the reader with his or her own soul, as if a tone is ringing through the words calling each heart to open, trust, and nurture the process of unfolding. I highly recommend this book! It is a wondrous journey, offering rituals as medicine to cultivate the most true and soulful version of ourselves.”
— Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ph.D., environmental philosopher, teacher, healer, and author of Earth Spirit

“History reveals centuries of spiritual practices through ritual and ceremony in every culture. It is important to evolve our understanding of Earth energy and heal the collective karma. We are on the precipice of major change and this gem, Ritual as Remedy, is the ticket!”
— Sonja Grace, mystic, healer, artist, and author of Spirit Traveler, Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle,

"What Ritual as Remedy does do well is provide a lot of simple, accessible instructions for establishing a daily meditation practice. There are instructions for breathing exercises, making an altar, working with the elements, using affirmations, sacred bathing, daily journaling, walking meditation. There’s a particularly good chapter on how to establish a regular practice of attunement to the phases of the Moon, and a good page on how to use your own language to call in the four directions."
— Sara R. Diamond, FacingNorth.net

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