Rudy's Rules for Travel: Life Lessons from Around the Globe (Paperback)

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Most honeymoons, Mary knows, do not start this way. Lying outside on the sloping attic roof in Edinburgh, listening to the soft snores of her groom, she realizes that Rudy's number one rule, "adapt, once again reigns.
Rudy's Rules for Travel takes you across the twentieth-century globe with intrepid, frugal Rudy and his spouse Mary, a catastrophic thinker seeking comfort. Whether stalled in a Spanish car tunnel, stranded atop a runaway elephant, or held at rifle-point at a Soviet border, Rudy has a rule for every occasion--for example, "Relax, some kind stranger will appear." Mary, meanwhile, has her deep breathing and her own commandment: "Expect the worst."
The two are a picture of contrast. As Mary was being born, Rudy was a new American citizen flying US Air Force missions over his homeland, Germany. His father was a seaman, hers an accountant. And when this marriage of opposites goes traveling, their stories combine laugh-out-loud humor with poignant lessons from the odyssey of a World War II veteran. So start packing--you'll want to join these two.

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ISBN: 9781631523229
ISBN-10: 1631523228
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2018
Pages: 232
Language: English