Warden Force: The Worst of the Worst and Other True Game Warden Adventures: Episodes 101-114 (Paperback)

Warden Force: The Worst of the Worst and Other True Game Warden Adventures: Episodes 101-114 By Terry Hodges Cover Image
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This is not a novel. This book, like the other eight books of the WARDEN FORCE series, is a collection of short stories, all true, the fascinating and often harrowing experiences of real game wardens pursuing armed violators in wild and remote places. TV shows such as WILD JUSTICE (National Geographic), NORTH WOODS LAW (Animal Planet) and LONE STAR LAW (Animal Planet) introduced the public to the real-life adventures of game wardens and conservation officers, a public hungry for more. And now, for readers, the WARDEN FORCE series provides the most exhaustive and comprehensive work in literature on this little known and often dangerous profession.

Lieutenant Terry Hodges, award winning author and the retired veteran of over 30 intense years as a game warden, brings over 120 of these stories to life. His readers get a strong dose of reality, for he writes with the knowledge and authority only possible among those who have lived the profession and devoted their lives to "the most dangerous and deadly job in law enforcement."

Season Nine Includes Fourteen Episodes:

  1. Not Bad for a Fish Cop: A lone warden, during two consecutive nights, outsmarts two criminals and makes two unrelated felony arrests.
  2. Fuzz-Face, Snake Eyes and Fu Manchu: The unscrupulous camp host of a high-mountain campground employs three bow-hunting criminals to take out a camp-raiding dumpster bear.
  3. Repeat Offenders: An aging warden recounts his long history of capturing the same salmon and deer poachers time after time.
  4. Swift Justice: Fleeing salmon poachers run afoul of poisonous plants and relentless wardens.
  5. The Worst of the Worst: Determined wardens spend months bringing down a band of smart, super-wary, deer poachers, among the worst in California history.
  6. Masters of Deception: A husband and wife poaching team prove to be unskilled game-law violators and even worse liars.
  7. Trouble in Hog Heaven: The cruel and unscrupulous operators of a big-money pig-hunting club are targeted by determined wardens.
  8. The Cycle: Wardens outsmart a well-organized team of abalone poachers.
  9. The Caviar Connection: A team of undercover wardens stalk a ring of sturgeon-poaching caviar dealers.
  10. The Old Pro: A crafty old warden, a master of his trade, dazzles a much younger warden by outsmarting and capturing two hardened deer poachers.
  11. Zero Choice: A lone warden, nearly gunned down by a fugitive dope grower, reassesses his approach to his hazardous occupation.
  12. Death on Snake Mountain: A warden performs a nerve-jangling search of a mountain home said to contain dozens of free-roaming rattlesnakes and a two-week-dead human body.
  13. Confession: A young warden nearly kills a man and keeps a secret for over 30 years.
  14. Heartless Bastard: A warden comes out second best when he tangles with a man with no legs.

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