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Thrice burned. Thrice reborn.

Long ago, a creature imbued with great power committed genocide against the unsuspecting dark elf families of Svartalfheim.

Thousands were killed. Few survived. One family escaped to Midgard.

But the realm of humans is an unkind place for dark elves. And the creature that attacked Svartalfheim is still out there.

Hundreds of years after the genocide, the young dark elf Thyra lives with her adopted human father on an island in Midgard. But after an encounter with three malevolent Valkyries seeking Thyra's Bifrost key, left to her by her blood parents, Thyra is forced to embark on a journey to save Svartalfheim and confront her past, present, and future.

Thyra's strange ancestry is at the root of her problems, but it could also be her salvation. She is intelligent, determined, and gifted with powers unique to her bloodline. To save her people, she will have to do that which is most difficult-figure out who she is and what she stands for while facing some of the most powerful adversaries in all the realms.

The story of Thyra places readers in the world of Norse Mythology but reverses an age-old trope of portraying dark elves as villains. We all wonder who we are, what we are meant to do, and if our lives have meaning. Thyra's journey is about answering those questions, while fighting to save the lives of her own marginalized race.

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ISBN: 9781620069547
ISBN-10: 1620069547
Publisher: Milford House Press
Publication Date: August 31st, 2022
Pages: 236
Language: English

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