Sports Law: Cases and Materials 4th Edition (Paperback)

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In the fourth edition of Sports Law Cases and Materials, authors Russ VerSteeg and Jack P. Sahl have enhanced the earlier edition of this book by updating it with some of the more current topics in the area of sports litigation. While the latest edition does not include every single new legal issue or controversy in the sports realm that has occurred since the last edition was published in 2014, readers will benefit from updated references to current issues. This edition also contains the latest case law, which serves to either reinforce or update the legal doctrines addressed in the earlier edition.

This book is designed to introduce students to broad topics in sports law, rather than just focusing on sports agency. Sports agency comprises only a small portion of sports law--so students will benefit greatly from learning about sports law with a broader perspective so that they can go on to combine their passion for sports and the law into many different kinds of careers.

Sports law includes many other areas of law, most of which students will already be familiar with. While learning and while practicing in the area of sports law, students will be confronted with contract-related issues, torts, and constitutional law issues. Antitrust and labor law, agency, and intellectual property are other areas of law that often play a role in sports law.

This book is geared towards students of all levels--undergraduate, graduate, and law students. The main goal of the book is to provide a broad introduction to some of the most common topics that sports lawyers deal with. In addition to the educational content of the book, the authors also include thought-provoking questions along with each chapter to encourage deeper thinking on these topics.

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