Collaboration Is the New Competition: Why the Future of Work Rewards a Cross-Pollinating Hive Mind & How Not to Get Left Behind (Paperback)

Collaboration Is the New Competition: Why the Future of Work Rewards a Cross-Pollinating Hive Mind & How Not to Get Left Behind By Priscilla McKinney Cover Image
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Without true collaboration, business professionals will not thrive and businesses will not survive. Fortunately, mastering this new way of working is a mindset shift, followed by taking initiative to act. The positive results-both personal and professional-are virtually instantaneous.

Collaboration Is the New Competition shows how to take advantage of new ways to analyze complex issues, explore a spectrum of possible solutions, and solve real problems. Priscilla McKinney's groundbreaking process creates more relevant work for each individual, and the subsequent wins produce significant changes for careers, companies, and communities.

Collaboration Is the New Competition demystifies how to choose the right people, time, and place to collaborate. Learn how to make the most of this tool that solves daily problems while also broadening your sphere of influence. Discover how collaboration propels you from problem solver to major influencer, thought leader, and true competitor, regardless of what business you're in.

The impetus to write this book was driven by a distinct gap in the business literature landscape and the pressing need for a new approach to problem-solving. Traditional business books often present a romanticized, linear journey to success, but this perspective is far from the reality of the business world. The truth is that business success is not achieved by following a rigid set of rules or steps. The key to thriving in the complex business environment is not formulaic but rather requires a shift in mindset, a new way of thinking, and perceiving problems.

  • See opportunities for collaboration
  • Establish rules of collaborative engagement
  • Leverage the power of networks
  • Decrease frustration
  • Amplify wins

This book responds to a growing need for collaboration in the business world. Today's business challenges are multifaceted and complex, requiring diverse perspectives and expertise. The book emphasizes that collaboration is not about simply bringing diverse voices to the table but about strategic and intentional collaboration that yields better solutions and bigger wins.

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ISBN: 9781544535418
ISBN-10: 1544535414
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English

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