Partner-Proofing Your Partnership: Simple Steps for Successful Business Partnerships (Paperback)

Partner-Proofing Your Partnership: Simple Steps for Successful Business Partnerships By Brett Cenkus Cover Image
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According to Harvard Business School professor, Noam Wasserman, 65% of startups fail as a direct result of cofounder conflict. That’s nearly 2/3 of all startups!

Is your business exposed to failure due to cofounder/partner conflict? Are you currently struggling to make a business partnership work? Are you thinking about joining up with a couple cofounders to launch a startup, but concerned about how to choose the right cofounders for you?

Whether you are about to launch a technology startup with four cofounders or you’ve been in business with one other co-owner for a decade, your future success is dependent on your ability to navigate the complex world of business relationships.

Harvard-educated business lawyer and entrepreneur, Brett Cenkus, draws on his 20+ years of business and legal experience, including his fair share of successful business partnerships and a couple failures that left scar tissue.

This book is your crash course in the practical implementation, management and maximization of business partnerships. In it, you will discover:

• Why business partnerships are critical for achieving outsized entrepreneurial success
• The key characteristics of great business partnerships
• How to select the right business partners (and avoid the wrong ones!)
• What you can do today to be a better business partner
• Key actions to ensure your business partnerships not only survive, but thrive
• How to properly document business partnerships with founders’ agreements
• What to do if things don’t go well with a business partnership, and much, much more!

Partner-Proofing Your Partnership is your handbook to cultivating successful business partnerships. If you like progressive solutions, self-empowerment and real-world applications, then you’ll love Brett Cenkus’ book on business partnerships.

Buy the book to take your first step toward wildly successful business partnerships!

About the Author

A recovering left-brainer with an insatiable curiosity about the world, Brett Cenkus merges his experience in the arenas of law and business with his softer skills of intuition and understanding. Writing about business partnerships and marriage (two contexts he believes are far more similar than they are different), Brett believes we need to bring "more business to our relationships and more relationship to our businesses." In The 5-Year Marriage ... Forever, Brett laid out a practical and philosophical approach to modernizing marriage with term limits, a revolutionary and controversial idea that is shaped by his work as a business lawyer and a husband. In Partner-Proofing Your Partnership, Brett tackles the challenging world of business partner and founder relationships with powerful insights culled from his entrepreneurial successes and the couple experiences that left a mark. Born in Connecticut and a graduate of Harvard Law, Brett misses summers in New England and the passion in the Northeast for the Patriots and Red Sox. What he doesn't miss are New England winters, preferring the climate and laid-back vibe of Austin, Texas, which is now home. Brett lives there with his wife, Cathryn, and daughter, Elle. You can find Brett online at or follow him on Twitter @bcenkus.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781543904482
ISBN-10: 1543904483
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: August 24th, 2017
Pages: 98
Language: English

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