The Bridge to Eden (Hardcover)

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Today's chaotic and uncertain world sends us a message of desperation as we see the basic institutions of society-the family, religion, education, government, and business-under attack from all sides. In the face of such cultural carnage, we need a message of hope to shine through these dark clouds surrounding our homes and loved ones, a message that annihilates the aura of confusion that the Adversary casts over the face of humanity. We need the Truth revealed in the Word of God concerning the wonderful world prophesied to come. That Truth sits patiently within God's Word for all who have eyes to see. The message revealed is as amazing as it is conflicting with the prophecies of modern science, technology, digital wizardry, and robotics. It is a message of how this world will be transformed from pain and desperation in the face of burgeoning population growth and food shortages, terrorism from religious fanatics, totalitarian governments, and fractured families to one of peace, love, order, and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams, where families thrive and find true joy in daily living...where people finally learn to live as the Creator intended without Satan around to tempt and deceive.The bridge to that new world is being built so you and I can cross over and enjoy it for a thousand years. It is designed by the Creator, and He wants you to walk across and enjoy it because He loves you, and wants the very best for you. It is a return to the Eden of Genesis. It is as sure to come as the sun rises each morning in the east. Let's read this book and discover the nature of that new world coming so we can wake up each morning to the incredible hope God has placed before us

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ISBN: 9781498473538
ISBN-10: 1498473539
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 29th, 2016
Pages: 234
Language: English