The 3rd Reich's Two Most Desirable & Collectable Tableware (Paperback)

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Dedicated to "The Greatest Generation" this book commemorates their victory in WWII. These collectibles of a defeated government, in large part, returned with our victorious soldiers. They offer the opportunity of holding in your hand, history. It is the only book you will need regarding the collecting and the historical context of the most desirable, collectibles of the 3rd Reich. The 3rd Reichʼs Two Most Desirable and Collectable Tableware is a book focused on the tableware that carried Adolf Hitlers initials and the Deutsche Reichsbahnʼs tableware assigned to the private trains or wagons of the highest personalities of the 3rd Reich. Contained in the book are over 200 graphics and some 40,000 words of text. In the text is in depth coverage of the mobile war headquarters application of Hitlerʼs Special Train. In addition to the metallic tableware, porcelain, glassware and linen is covered. First hand descriptions are all included with proper attribution. In addition, several previously ʻmystery" pieces are clarified and a short look at the tableware from several coal to petroleum sites with text are included. This book combined with the earlier The Encyclopedia of 3rd Reich Tableware contains an all-encompassing record of these areas of historical interest. The Encyclopedia of 3rd Reich Metal Tableware is an enhanced, expanded and heavily illustrated reference book containing extensive historical exposition related to the broad range of personal (monogramed), organizational (logos) and commemorative tableware of the 3rd Reich from the Period of Struggle in the early 1920ʼs to its demise in 1945. These two books combined are the best introduction to 3rd Reich table ware that exist as well as the related history..

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ISBN: 9781478789109
ISBN-10: 1478789107
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: August 15th, 2017
Pages: 254
Language: English

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