How to Analyze People (Paperback)

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Do you want to be able to communicate properly?

Do you wonder why people move and act a certain way when you're talking to them?

Human beings are social creatures. While some individuals are inclined towards introversion and prefer to limit interactions with others whenever possible, the general thrust of humanity leans towards sociability and connecting with each other in a common, shared space of mutual activity and existence. The foundation and the core of all forms of human social groups is communication. It is both a need and a want to communicate.

Miscommunication often leads to fights, misunderstandings, burnt bridges, ties being cut, and heartaches. Nothing good ever comes from miscommunications. What better way to prevent that, than by getting your exact feelings and thoughts across, helping both you and the people you communicate with, to better understand you and vice versa.

We're going to go in-depth with the following:

  • Personality Types
  • The Psychology of Communication Behaviors
  • Reading Gender Specific Body Language
  • Body Language and the Emotions Behind It
  • The Four Zones: Intimate, Personal, Social, and Public--When to keep your distance
  • And so much more

Inside this book, you will learn how to read and identify the emotions behind body language, analyze people in a deeper perspective and more importantly, learn about personal space--when to open up and when to draw the line.

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ISBN: 9781386887669
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Publisher: Heirs Publishing Company
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 150
Language: English

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