Completing Your Endowment (Temple Endowment #3) (Paperback)

Completing Your Endowment (Temple Endowment #3) By Cory B. Jensen, Kinsey Beckett (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Cory B. Jensen, Kinsey Beckett (Cover Design by)
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Completing Your Endowment is the third and concluding volume in a series on the LDS temple ordinances. Beginning with Preparing For Your Endowment and continuing in Understanding Your Endowment, this work is aimed at helping members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) better understand their temple ceremonies.

Joseph Smith taught that knowledge is the power of salvation. With that in mind, one might wonder: what was the purpose for introducing temple ordinances to the Church? Are they simply arcane rituals to be memorized? Do they have some inherent magic necessary for redemption? Or are they rather intended to help the Saints gain knowledge, particularly knowledge which saves? And if imparting knowledge is their purpose, then what is the Lord trying to teach us? Once we have received the ordinances is that enough or is more required to complete our endowment?

This book is an attempt to help the reader answer these questions. It is written in the hope that it will enable the reader to approach the temple with new eyes.

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ISBN: 9780999567005
ISBN-10: 0999567004
Publisher: Lone Peak Publishing
Publication Date: January 30th, 2018
Pages: 274
Language: English
Series: Temple Endowment

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