Premium Financed Life Insurance: The Key To Effective Estate Tax Planning (Paperback)

Premium Financed Life Insurance: The Key To Effective Estate Tax Planning By Darren Sugiyama Cover Image
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In this book, author and premium financing intermediary Darren Sugiyama explores how Premium Financed Life Insurance truly is the key to effective estate tax planning. He thoroughly explains different methods of premium financing he uses with different types of clients based on their unique circumstances. Sugiyama also takes a deep dive into discussing how IUL policy charges and credits work, the sustainability of the 0% floor, the difference between Fixed Policy Loans and Participating Policy Loans, and IUL multiplier features. The granular details of premium financing are articulated in a way that is highly detailed, yet succinctly expressed in a way that a life insurance novice can understand. Sugiyama transparently breaks down his methods of mathematically modeling Premium Financed Life Insurance with a spirit of authenticity, consumer protection, and full disclosure. In an industry that often times paints a very opaque picture regarding how financial instruments work, Sugiyama takes a disruptive approach by dispelling the myths and uncovering the truths about how many of these sophisticated estate planning instruments are built. This is an incredibly valuable book for both clients who are considering using Premium Financed Life Insurance as an estate planning tool, as well as financial advisors and life insurance agents who are considering offering these strategies as solutions for their high net worth clients.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780989261968
ISBN-10: 0989261964
Publisher: Ontogeny Group, Inc.
Publication Date: November 4th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English

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