Buffett's Bites: The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters (Paperback)

Buffett's Bites: The Essential Investor's Guide to Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters By L. J. Rittenhouse Cover Image
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Treat Market Pessimism as Your Friend
Do the Little Things Right
Protect Your Capital When the Facts Turn Upside Down
Rely on CEOs Who Nurture Healthy Corporate CulturesRemember That Large, Unfathomable Derivatives AreStill Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction
Seek Simplicity and Candor

Millions of people download Warren Buffett's shareholder letters, searching for tips from the world's greatest investor. Many miss the best part of his letter: his principles. It is their loss. Following these principles, Buffett has turned Berkshire Hathaway, a struggling textile manufacturer, into one of the most respected companies in the world. Early investors have become billionaires. This essential guide to Buffett's shareholder letters highlights what the pundits aren't telling you and what you can learn about building long-lasting wealth.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in history. His annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have attained legendary status among Wall Street and Main Street investors. Each informative and entertaining letter offers lessons about life, business, and the art of investing that are essential to creatinglong-lasting wealth. They are based on Buffett's dogged pursuit of the Golden Rule of ownermanager partnership: Treat shareholders the way you would want to be treated--if you were in their place.

In Buffett's Bites, L. J. Rittenhouse, CEO candorexpert and former Wall Street banker, serves up an in-depth look at Buffett's 2008 shareholder letter, highlighting 25 tantalizing nuggets of wisdom. These "bites" afford an inside look at Buffett's unconventional ways that have created Berkshire Hathaway's unrivaled success.

With unflinching honesty and insight, the "Oracleof Omaha" talks candidly about today's turbulent market: what makes a company worth investing in; why you shouldn't panic when experts insist "the sky is falling"; when to re-evaluate your portfolio; and how to invest safely and wisely for the long haul.

Each savory bite is enhanced with practical information and a timeless moral that can be applied to your own wealth-building strategies.

About the Author

L. J. Rittenhouse is president of Rittenhouse Rankings Inc, a CEO strategic and investor relations company that conducts annual benchmark surveys of CEO candor and stock price performance. Her research shows that candor drives superior performance, and companies that consistently strive to promote candor gain competitive advantage and superior valuation. She advises large-cap and mid-sized companies on how to build internal programs that improve corporate communications and valuation, and specializes in penetrating corporate blind spots to strengthen corporate culture and improve execution. Her contributions to promoting capital stewardship and candor have been recognized by Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle, Jack Welch and other respected business leaders. In addition to Buffett's Bites, she is the author of Do Business with People You Can Tru$t, a featured selection at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting. Tru$t describes how to spot CEOs who damage trust and has been recommended by Barron's, Directors & Boards Association, and the American Association of Independent Investors. Prior to founding her firm, Rittenhouse was a senior VP in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers Inc., where she advised clients on valuation and strategies, public securities offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. She has an MBA and an MS from Columbia University, and is a founding member of the non-profit, Families with Children from China.

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