Adirondack Art Chairs Auction

Adirondack Art Chairs is a project initiated by volunteers to beautify the streets of Cambridge, NY. In the spring of 2022, youth artists in the community were invited to submit a proposal for a painted chair around the theme of books and reading. Each artist was then provided with an assembled, primed chair, ready for their artistic touch. Volunteers assembled and primed the chairs throughout the spring to get them ready. Once complete, the chairs have been placed at host locations up and down Main Street. Now, the chairs will be auctioned to raise enough money to run this program again next year. Any additional funds raised beyond the $2,000 needed will be donated to several local nonprofits.

The Auction will go live on October 1st, and bidding will close on October 15th at 6 pm EST. Click here to view the auction:  . 

For those who win a chair in the auction, payment will need to be submitted through the website. Chairs will need to be picked up in Cambridge no later than October 25th. Shipping is not available. 

If you have questions, please contact Connie at or 518-677-2515.